Theatre Wrapped 2023

Theatre Wrapped 2023

2023 was a great year for theatre, after recovering from closures for covid we saw theatre begin to thrive again. As well as continued success for long running shows we saw an abundance of new shows running to.

In the year I attended 60 performances, saw 40 musicals and 7 plays. My most watched musical was Newsies which I saw a total of 5 times, this was also my favourite musical I saw this year. My favourite play I saw this year was Dear England, I saw this early December at the Prince Edwards and thoughrally enjoyed it. I would really like to see more plays next year, even though I prefer musicals I am becoming more fond of plays.

Another real highlight of the year was Musical Con, my first time selling in person at an event and what a success it was. Con is such an amazing event, Shanay and Chris have done a stellar job of creating an inclusive safe space and a great event full of joy. We’re all set to attend again in 2024 so come along and join the fun. We also have another event in the books for earlier in the year and some exciting new products for it, I am super excited for it!

Looking ahead to 2024 I already have over 20 shows booked! These are mostly touring productions visiting Bristol as these sell out fast however my first show of the year is Two Strangers (carry a cake across New York) at the Kiln Theatre which I am really excited for. I am also very excited for the West End Premiere of Mean Girls the Musical, I have been listening to this show for year and can’t wait to finally see it on stage!

I have been so inconsistent at posting on this blog this year, sometimes I have so much to say about a show I don’t know where to start! In 2024 I am making it my goal to post at least once a month so be sure to stay tuned to see what I’m watching in 2024. 

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