Rob Madge for the Win

Rob Madge for the Win

My Sons a queer is a one man show performed by Rob Marge all about their childhood and growing up queer. It celebrates creativity, queerness and is full of so much joy. You really get to know Rob in the show in a fun way.

Rob has been in theatre from a young age - from attending the local stage coach to performing in The 25th anniversary concert of Les Miserables at just 14 years old. During lockdown of 2020 they rose to fame over tiktok by sharing old home videos along with comedy videos; the nation really fell in love with them. Rob now has 200,000 Tiktok followers and I would recommend you join them to brighten your fyp.

The show landed at the Turbine Theatre in June 2021 to make its London debut before heading to the west end in October 2022. And due to high demand it has returned for another run now at the Ambassadors Theatre which after weeks of success and an Olivier award nomination it sadly closes tonight. 

The basis of the show is all about the productions we used to put on in our living rooms as children and force the family to sit and watch. I don't know about you but putting shows on at home with my sister and friends is some of my favourite childhood memories and I would love to watch them back. Rob is an avid Disney fan, which I totally support, and his show of choice is the Disney parade. There is back stage videos of the production of his parade as well as the parade itself and it really took me back to the times I used do the same, twirling around as a princess. The show is just so wholesome and is a breath of fresh air in the busy lives we live today it's 65 minutes to forget it all, to laugh and remember your childhood. With moments to laugh and cry all finished off with a fabulous ending. 

I don't want to give much away as the show is so special and I am hopeful it will make a return. Rob excels through the performance never losing energy for the full 65 minutes, I was hooked the whole way through. I have to say it is very well written but not only is it hilarious with lots of laughs it is also very touching. There is a small part dedicated to their grandfather who sadly passed early 2023; I can't imagine how hard it must be for Rob to perform a piece about someone they love so dearly and has lost so recently, my heart goes out to them.

On social media they like to celebrate other young queer artists and some are even featured in the show. Rob gives a heartwarming monologue about how there are so many people out there similar to them, how they are struggling in a world that sometimes doesn't accept them and reminds us that everyone deserves to be celebrated. An abundance of home videos are shown of people of all ages, genders and colours having their own parades at home plastered with smiles across their faces and having fun and it brought me to tears.

I cannot celebrate it enough, it's not your usual musical or play it's something different and something refreshing. The show and Rob deserve to be celebrated and deserve all the success, fingers crossed for the Oliviers tomorrow! Rob is really paving the way for young artists and showing them to celebrate who they are. Rob if you're reading this... Thank you for being you and for creating such a beautiful piece of theatre.


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